Tenshi at The Emmet Ray

Event: Tenshi at The Emmet Ray
Date: August 11, 2019
Venue: The Emmet Ray
Start time: 6:00 PM
End time: 8:00 PM


Tenshi (jazz fusion) Alex Purcell, Spencer Bridgewater, Ben Graffam


Tenshi triumphantly returns to the Emmet Ray on Sunday Aug 11th from 6-8pm for 2 sets of glory! Rumour has it that there are some new tunescurrently being cooked up at “the Lab”, a remote location where the infamous Heisenberg ostensibly used to cook. Word has it that this new music will surface at the Emmet Ray on what will surely be a magical evening. So be sure to mark the date on your calendar!

Price: $0.00
Phone: 416-792-4497
URL: http://www.theemmetray.com/