You can support JAZZ.FM91 with sponsorship or advertising and help your business at the same time.

JAZZ.FM91 is unique, and offers a marketing environment like no other.

  • We are Canada’s premier and Toronto’s ONLY jazz radio station.
  • We are MEMBER SUPPORTED. Our listeners donate almost $1.5 million yearly because they love the station. Imagine paying for something you can get for free! Our regular advertisers and corporate sponsors often gain additional response because our listeners consider them like-minded jazz community members. JAZZ.FM91 is NOT part of any commercial broadcasting company, and receives NO government funding.
  • We are CLUTTER-FREE. We air a maximum of 4 commercial minutes an hour. This obvious listener benefit also enhances impact for the advertiser by reducing audience fatigue. Conventional commercially supported stations can carry 12 to 16 commercial minutes an hour.

JAZZ.FM91 serves over 6,000,000 people living in Southern Ontario and Western New York via its signal transmitted from the CN Tower. Since our January 2, 2001 launch as Canada’s first all-jazz radio station, JAZZ.FM91’s weekly reach has grown to over 460,000 terrestrial listeners. Our iPhone app continues to set world records for jazz closing in on 300,000 downloads.

The socio-economic demographic profile of our audience is more valuable than how many listen to us. We effectively reach tens of thousands of people who are:

  • In the top 5% in annual personal and household income.
  • In the top 5% in education level achieved.
  • Among the market’s leading business and professional decision makers.

Download: JAZZ.FM91 Audience Profile

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