Kurt Newman Jazz Trio at The Emmet Ray

Event: Kurt Newman Jazz Trio at The Emmet Ray
Date: February 17, 2020
Venue: The Emmet Ray
Start time: 7:00 PM
End time: 9:00 PM


Kurt Newman (guitar), Rob Clutton (bass), Blake Howard (drums)

Playing and improvising around the compositions of Kurt Newman, as well as a few Lee Konitz and Ornette Coleman tunes.

Kurt Newman
Kurt Newman is a guitarist and improvisor. A native of Toronto, Canada, Newman lived in Austin, Texas for several years and now lives in Santa Barbara, California. Over the past decade, Newman has focused his creative energies on non-idiomatic improvisation, and continues to work on refining his voice as an improvisor. Among his collaborators: (Europe) John Butcher, Mats Gustafsson, Thomas Lehn, Roger Turner, Jaap Blonk; (Japan) Tetuzi Akiyama; (USA) Kyle Bruckmann, Chris Cogburn, Dave Dove, Nick Hennies, Henry Kaiser, Fred Lonberg-Holm; (Canada): Mike Gennaro, Eric Chenaux, John Oswald, Michael Snow, Mauro Savo, Sam Shalabi, Alexandre St-Onge. Newman has been in a number of bands: Sackville, Picastro, Wrist Error, Marmots, Golden Melody Awards, and Weird Weeds.


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