Jozsef Botos Trio

Event: Jozsef Botos Trio
Date: December 2, 2021
Venue: Jazz Bistro
Start time: 9:00 PM
End time: 11:30 PM



Jozsef Botos is a classical and jazz guitarist with never ending passion for classical and jazz music. He is introducing his original music in a formation of a jazz trio with his cousin Frank Botos on drums and brother Daniel Botos on double bass, with the EP entitled Prelude. Jozsef was also guitarist and arranger in several world music projects. The mix of his experiences in classical, jazz and world music is clearly hearable in his compositions which is supported Frank’s well known unique energy and wide range of experience with performing iconic jazz legends. Daniel’s specific approach of bass playing and knowledge of classical music what he gained trough his orchestral years,is necessary of the Jozsef Botos Trio. The audience can hear a unique acoustic sound and a unique communication level in the music, of three person from the Botos musician family. In their repertoire for the evening they will be performing originals from the EP entitled Prelude and also Jozsef’s favorite jazz standards.


Price: $15
Phone: 416-363-5299