The Artistry of… Johnny Hartman

The luscious, rich baritone voice of Johnny Hartman is an unforgettable corner in a world with far too many forgettables. The voice lingers and lasts, embracing the music and lyrics with a warmth like some kind of mile-deep tonal hug. The soundscape is unabashed romance. The music defines the concept of up close and personal. The context is emotional, and the emotion is love, and the best of love.

In an article by Howard Mandel in The Rake, Hartman’s essence is described in this most perfect way: “Hartman’s tone, rising from a chamber near his heart to the tip of his tongue, bespeaks a longing to be joined in the test of a tender hypothesis. He sings as a man who is unsure such a thing as ‘love’ exists, but is more than willing to give it a try.”

If you like your music decanted, close, and tender, the artistry of Johnny Hartman is just for you. And if you are not sure about whether that might be your way of having what you listen to land, take the chance. It will be your new way. It is simply, and beautifully, the Johnny Hartman way.