The Artistry of… Mary Stallings

There is an elegance and maturity to Mary Stallings that results in a richness of artistry that cannot come fast or without some life experience and time spent. Respect for honing one’s craft and understanding traditions, elements and roots factors in effectively. Soul must be allowed to evolve and develop to establish character and signature with time. For the vocalist, all of the above comes together to frame and spirit a lyric and melody into an unforgettable expression of art and life.

Stallings’ voice is the majesty of the coming together of all of the elements that come from time spent and life experience treasured and respected. Strong roots in gospel music are the foundation. In a comment to the Village Vanguard, Stallings serves her artistry this way: “I pick songs that feel delicious to me, songs that I relate to at the time, songs that I love. That’s what you’ll find here.” The San Francisco Chronicle, based in her birthplace, adds another helping of exactly who she is: “Stallings’ voice is supple and timeless… encompassing the whole history of music.”

It is like a kind of ripening and evolving of mind, body, soul and spirit, allowing experience and time well spent to guide and enrich  —and the beautiful result is the elegant treasure of sound.