The Artistry of… Guido Basso

From the earliest of times, the sound of the horn signalled a coming message: a happening, news, celebration, or announcement. The clarity of the sound, its purity, its sincerity of tone, was as significant as the cadence of speech or the nuance of a spoken phrase, or how a word is said. The instrument’s tone establishes sentiment, feeling and emotion, and it spans a full spectrum — a range of synesthetic colors. To command the horn is to understand and feel sound, language and gesture.

Guido Basso understands the adventures of nuance in musical language and resonance. He speaks to the listener and to the community of those he plays with, and does this with the ease of an expert communicator.

His artistry is all of that, and there is even more. A sweetness of tone that needs no special translation ability. He plays, he speaks, he shares, the listener hears, and it is like those earliest horns signalling a message, news or celebration. Sweetness of tone, and the felt spectrum of colours of the beautiful messages received.