The Artistry of … Terence Blanchard

AO Terence Blanchard:

How do you feel about your hometown? Imagine if so much of what defines you and has shaped who you are could be captured in sound. Captured in the sweetness of your artistry as you introduce and present the strengths, history, beauty, charm, and soul of where you’re from; textures and weaves, the pulses and how they tell their stories. Terence Blanchard loves his hometown. New Orleans. Blanchard, there’s Creole in the name, there’s creole in the way he plays. It is a jambalaya, a melange, a cook-up, and then tenderness with colors and the lights and the passions and heart of where he’s from. Every note he plays starts and lands and leaves you as engaged and as in love. It’s the way he tells his stories.