The Artistry of … Nat King Cole

AO Nat King Cole

Delicate, Gentle, Persevering.

Delicate – The touch on the piano and the way he touched with his voice.
Gentle – the warm tone and flawless phrasing.
Persevering – defiance, pioneering, and over-comer.

He was one of the resilient warriors, victims of the challenges of their times. He represents a necessary fortitude and that instills forever pride. I struggle with the notion of fearlessness. You’ll hear those called ‘hero’ say they didn’t go seeking it out. Instead, shying away from the term, they will attribute it to a sense of being in a moment and acting without a second thought, like an impulse.

An uncle, a veteran, has always spoken of the feeling of fear on the battlefield and that without fear survival is always at risk. This truth resonates. As with so many I believe Nat King Cole lived with a degree of necessary fear. Frightening prejudices and bigotry that are still this way to this day. A special breed of character and artistry bolstered him all the while producing such sweet music. Nat King Cole is a blindingly bright light of an example for all.