The Artistry of … Danilo Pérez

AO Danilo Pérez:

He is described by JazzTimes this way: “There is nothing small about Danilo Perez’s ambitions. The pianist wants nothing less than to create a Panamanian style of jazz composition.”
“Effortlessly hip,”
  says the Guardian.

I have met Danilo Pérez. I was privileged to do so. He is nothing less than a gentleman and he believes deeply in his art and artistry’s ability to direct him in his journey through his own personal culture and his homeland’s cultural greatness. He plays the piano as if he’s divinely guided to gift us with his music and passion. He is on a mission. It is a wonderfully creative one. The mission is as clear as a bell. The mission is as clear as Danilo. It is to share and teach, mentor, foster, and lead – and ultimately it is to create. He is brimming with honesty, and is blindingly and brilliantly on message. That message is one of fearless awareness and social consciousness through music.

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