Sting’s Free iPad App

In celebration of 25 years as a musician Sting has rolled out an iPad app.

The app, which apparently cost over 1 million dollars to produce and is available for free in the iTunes app store.
Originally asked to film a concert documentary about Sting’s 60th birthday show, app creators instead put forward the concept for this free app that:

“tells the story of Sting’s 25 years as a solo artist through an extensive and diverse collection of photographs, music, interviews, commentary, and video, including exclusive concert footage of Sting’s Sixtieth Birthday Celebration. Users can navigate through Sting’s musical and humanitarian journey chronologically, or through twenty of his major influences, while listening to Sting songs from their iPad’s library. With the AirPlay technology in iOS5, users can enjoy exclusive concert performances on their home theater system.”

The app comes amid a number of things that Sting has on the go including a “Best of 25 Years” album and a 3-CD, 1-DVD box-set, as well as his on-going “Back to Bass” tour that takes him through the U.S. with European dates being planned for next year.