Silver Dollar Room shuts doors in Toronto

The Silver Dollar Room is closing its doors in Toronto after almost 60 years.

The club, located at College and Spadina, first opened its doors in 1958 to some of the hottest jazz and blues musicians – eventually, housing other genres like punk, rock and indie.

Reports suggest the club will remain operational until May 1. Booker/promoter Dan Burke tells Exclaim!, “The property owner has been planning a redevelopment for quite some time. It was approved by the city. It’s all been sorted out in the past few months.”

The building itself was set to be torn down last year, but The City of Toronto designated it with “cultural heritage value or interest.”

However, student housing and high-rises are expected to pop up in the near future.

The news comes after the closures of other music venues in the city, including the Hoxton. Popular venue Hugh’s Room is also crowd-souring to try to keep it open for business.

Until the spring, The Silver Dollar Room is hosting a slew of shows. Click here for more information.