Playlist: Jazz Gone Wild – January 1, 2023

Susan Wylde – My Lovely Push Up Bra

David Lewis Luong – Sleepless in Seattle (feat. Addie Nicole) 

David Lewis Luong – Take Me Away With You (Ann Dopira)

David Lewis Luong – Wish Upon A Star (Aspen Holden)

Don Jones – Bigfoot 

Chaquequay & His Tribe – Spooky Doo

Jorge Govida & Sarah Begin – Little Black Cat

Mike Denton – It Could Happen To You

Julie Mahendran – Dat Dere

Tony Mesina – I’m A Jazzman

Daniel Smith – Donna Lee 

Fred Spek & Camp Combo – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Shooby Taylor – Lift Every Voice 

Tony Randall – Nature Boy 

Ted Knight – Hi Guys 

Jim Backus – Delicious (feat. Phyllis Diller) 

Art Carney – Sheesh, What A Grouch 

Honey Novick – Now / I Am A Winner / Oh Yes!

Michael Gee – Don’t Hesitate / Bing Cherry / Paris

Chadwick Barley & The 4 Seasonings – I Don’t Wanna Be In Love 

Marie Veronique – The Liar (There’s A Bison In My Backyard) 

Fresh Air – Kill Yourself

Mrs. Miller – The Shadow of Your Smile

Friendly Rich – Low Low Low

Sam Sacks – Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 

Eddie Murray – Montreal Canada Blues 

San D’Jinn Jin – Rainy Weekend

The Ensemble of 7 – Tabu

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