To be Canada’s pre-eminent Jazz station and an essential broadcaster of Jazz music in all its various forms, enriching the cultural, educational and community experience of our listening audience.


  • to bring the world of jazz to our listeners
  • to showcase Canadian jazz talent
  • to partner with and support those who teach, train and develop talent and students of the genre
  • to develop jazz in Canada through information, education and entertainment

Our Programs Inform

  • …our listeners by promoting and exploring jazz music’s rich diversity and by showcasing Canadian talent the jazz community with events, news and development in the world of jazz
  • …our donors, advertising partners and other funding sources of our initiatives and programs that ensure we maintain a healthy financial base of operations.


  • young musicians through partnerships with institutions, who teach, train and develop talent
  • our communities by bringing music and musicians to schools
  • our listeners about the genre, the history and local and national jazz talent


  • by continuing and expanding our tradition of live concerts
  • by making great jazz available to everyone through broadcast, live performance and community outreach
  • by using modern cost-effective technology to reach our global audience
  • by ensuring our on-air presenters will be as diverse as the jazz we play


We will respect our charitable status, and recognize the value of our listener contributions.

With our limited advertising and the pursuit of corporate sponsorships, we value the importance of maintaining a healthy financial base of operations.

Therefore we always will operate in a way that is responsive both to our internal staff & board, as well as our listeners and contributors.