Listen to The Journey to Jazz and Human Rights: Part 4

Alana Bridgewater hosts The Journey to Jazz and Human Rights, a documentary look at how the music, and the men and women who made the music, made claim to human rights around the world.

Part 4: Jazz Around the World

The Cold War, two superpowers divvying up the global map. Each side, Soviet and Western, had their missiles, but they also had cultural weapons: propaganda through the arts. America had an idea: to export jazz, as a sign of democratic superiority. Problem was, with a civil rights crisis at home, they had nothing to brag about. In Part 4 of The Journey to Jazz and Human Rights, jazz and the Cold War, with Darius Brubeck and the historians of the art form.

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Funding for this series was provided by Maytree, which is committed to advancing systemic solutions to poverty and strengthening civic communities by taking a human rights approach.

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