Purity of artistry defies genres; it is the engaging, infectious spirit of defiance, essence of liberty, the blurring of walls and divisions, notions and assumptions. It is a beautiful thing, and it makes room for true creativity.

Jocelyn Barth is an artist who defies lines and genres. She approaches jazz with eyes and soul wide open and with room for the adventure of inclusiveness of elements from a broad horizon of music-oriented options. Her voice is her storytelling tool. Her artistic intent stems directly from her heart. The heart must be the centre — it simply must be where it all starts.

Tell Him I Said Hello is Barth’s debut album, and it borrows its title from a song by Bill Hegner and Jack J. Canning. It’s a song that, in title and sentiment, is a perfect fit for the vocalist. Tender, the spirit is bundled with melancholy and the storytelling comes from a shaken heart. The artistry, like the story, is grounded in a wistful defiance balanced by, and with, liberty.