Eric St. Laurent plays like you know his heart is listening because the textures of his artistry are a spectrum of the kinds of colours of sound that can only be because you are in love. A sweet depth of in love-ness. Eric St-Laurent is in love with the very music he plays.

Every note has purpose. For some, the purpose is to perfectly and sensitively complement the one just before or the one just after — an endless string of phrasing and expressions, with every utterance needing the other. Sounds like love to me.

In an interview, St-Laurent has said this: “There’s only 12 notes, and we keep re-ordering them.” He lets them fall one ahead of the other, one after another, and each needing to be with the other. It is an especially special kind of musical relationship and playscape.

Love is about dependence, compliment and complementary, needing and needing another. Caring about the whole, you and the loved. For St-Laurent, the loved when he plays is the fit. The perfect fit of one against another, for another and just because of that other.