Jocelyn Gould plays guitar with a freshness of self-discovery and innocence — an innocence not to be confused with vulnerability, but an innocence of charm. It’s an engaging humility. There is a twinkle of sparkling awe honed as a keen respect for the music she plays. Her guitar sounds resonate with people sounds. She talks to us, sings to us, plays with us and for us, about us, and because of us. This all comes with a sensibility of liberty. The music is free and beckoning.

Music and the other arts thrive because of mentorship. That exclusive relationship of guidance and sharing and preparations for the nexts. Gould’s experience, with the mentorship of Randy Napoleon and those musicians with whom she has shared creativity, is a fuel of inspiration. She strives to share the same mentored experience with others, up-and-coming musicians. Gould also credits inspiration from players like Sheryl Bailey and Emily Remler as some of the beacons of light for women in jazz.

Always inspired, always inspiring, Jocelyn Gould is always taking in the gifts of the artistry of others — contemporaries and those who’ve lighted the paths before.