From pronounced heavily punctuated syncopation to a gentle swing and almost whisper-like set of phrases to express the nexts in an array of emotions. That’s the way of Diana Krall. Emotions, so often travelling at the speed of a breath, in pairs, triplets, or more. Each taking time to define itself before being countered or matched or even balanced off by another. Contrasts, colours, shades, shadow, brilliant light, then lower lighting. Moods come, go, then come again. Just as you feel you are settled in one establishment, another arises to take you in and turn you on to a new plane — a new place.

Krall makes sensory experiences electric, and like the visual artist, she takes light and colour and splashes it around into space, giving them life, feeling, depth, and then, as immediately, shallow places, where as if in the surf, only the ankles get the action — but that’s an illusion, and it is only for a moment, because the now experienced you, the listener, the consumer, is ready to be treated to the engaging grooves of the sweet and nuanced.