His guitar playing is focused, with a determination of intent and a pleasure for the music and the instrument. The late player Greg Lowe gave music undivided attention. He was driven by the energy and spirit of the interplay of melody and harmony that uniquely distinguishes the spectrums of jazz from other genres.

Scofield, Abercrombie, and Khan were teachers, and grand influences. The combination of the artistry of the three is a richness of guitar culture, styling and performance that, in many ways, is part of the shape of contemporary jazz guitar. The genres are varied and diverse in their elements and origins, including rock and Latin sounds. Lowe’s sound is enriched by the coolness of the mix.

Originally from Kenora, B.C., he was based in Winnipeg and added to the richness of that city’s jazz and classical music communities with praised performances and commissioned compositions.

The jazz world lost Lowe far too early. This passage from his obituary in the Winnipeg Free Press in 2017 captures the sweetness of his time spent being here: “Greg loved the skin he was in. Throughout his life, he worked on projects and with people that he truly enjoyed and appreciated. He was attracted to, and he attracted, the best people in the business. Greg told us in his final days that he had accomplished what he wanted to accomplish and that life had been very good to him.”