So often in its times, jazz has gone looking for fresh places to play. Seeking adventures with popular musics of its different days. When it plays confidently like this in its contemporary days, it is fashioned in new ways and is in step with the way it can be so exciting, and engaging, and truly relevant. Confident singers are stand-at-the-mic-and-deliver artists. The song is their song, because they are colouring it with the sentiment and emotions that are signatures of themselves.

Melody Diachun is just this kind of vocalist and artist. Where would the artist be without colour? Diachun’s palette is richly deep. She takes jazz out to play. She loves music. You can tell. She loves this music, and its spirit loves her right back. While at play, the two are hand in hand and willfully bound by heart and soul.

She is an educator. Imagine the sweetness of place it must be to be in the presence and on the receiving end of her passion for the art she makes. To experience her genuine love of the stuff. A teacher of any kind who is as in love with what they teach and in love with teaching, it is truly a special kind of gold. Melody: The name could not be better, and she, like it, is at play. Playing away hand in hand with the music she loves.