JAZZ.FM91 creates Community Advisory Panel to improve communication with listeners

Updated September 10, 2018
Originally released August 31, 2018

JAZZ.FM91 Creates Community Advisory Panel to Improve Communication with Listeners


JAZZ.FM91 held its Annual General Meeting on August 31, 2018 which had a record 90 attendees.  Donor Members also participated through  granting more than 470proxies to management.  Approximately 2,030 Donor Members received invitations to attend and vote at today’s AGM, with more than one-quarter choosing to participate.

“I do believe the reason we are all here is because we all want JAZZ.FM91 to be as successful as possible,” said David McGown, JAZZ.FM91 Board Chair.

The creation of the Community Advisory Panel was announced to allow donors, listeners and artists to provide their insight as JAZZ.FM91’s Board and management chart the station’s strategic direction for the coming months and years. Information on how to participate will be available on the JAZZ.FM91 website in the next two of weeks.

Mr. Charles Cutts, JAZZ.FM91 Interim President and CEO, provided Donor Members with an overview of significant developments that will unfold over the rest of 2018.

In programming news, JAZZ.FM91 will launch at least three new programs in September, including: Sketches with Carol Welsman, Songs I Wish I Had Written by Marc Jordan and Jazz is What? with Tim Shia. Mr. Cutts also advised that more programs were under development that would be unveiled in coming weeks. Starting this week, our listeners will have already heard JAZZ.FM91’s new imaging voice on our airwaves–Belinda Brady is a Toronto-based jazz singer.

A new major donor, Travel Edge, was announced as having the naming rights for the JAZZ.FM91 lounge. It will now be referred to as the Travel Edge Lounge. More details about the partnership will be provided soon.

Mr. McGown and Mr. Cutts acknowledged that the past several months had been challenging for the station and that the Board and management had made very difficult decisions to lay a sustainable foundation for the future.

“If we can all agree that we are here today to ensure that JAZZ.FM91 will continue to be successful in the future, I hope we can also all believe that management and the Board decisions over the past few months were intended to be in the long-term best interests of the station,” said Mr. McGown. Mr. McGown further announced that in the near term, JAZZ.FM91 needs to identify its next executive leader, continues to review its strategic options and will be updating its by- laws to improve governance.

The AGM’s order of business included the election of five of its 11 Board members.  Those elected included:

  • W. Tom Berry;
  • Alan Broadbent;
  • David K. McGown;
  • Kelly Peterson;
  • Jodi Shanoff.

JAZZ.FM91’s Board and management are committed to providing the best jazz in the world to our listeners, developing great programming, continuing to support artists and offering meaningful community outreach. We appreciate the outpouring of support from donors, listeners and advertisers over the past several months.

“What has surprised me is how passionately we all care about the future success of this deceptively simple, world-class station JAZZ.FM91,” said Mr. Cutts.  “Let’s harness that and keep the on-going evolution of JAZZ.FM91.”