Jazz Calendar

Submission Criteria

To be listed, events must:

  • be jazz-related events.
  • be open to the general public and require no membership.
  • be an annual, one-off or special event.
  • be finalized and confirmed prior to submission. Events with dates to be announced, undetermined locations, etc., will not be listed.
  • Fundraising events must be sponsored by a registered charity to be listed.

Please note:

  • Recurring events must be entered individually.
  • JAZZ.FM91 is not obliged to list events submitted here and reserves the right to edit, withhold or decline any event.
  • The proper use of language that is respectful and sensitive to people of diverse backgrounds will be enforced. Any entry that uses offensive and discriminatory language will not be listed.
  • We reserve the right to prohibit users who in any way violate acceptable behavior from participating in this service. Users remain solely responsible for the content of their postings.
  • Graphics, audio, JavaScript or other scripting content is not permitted.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • We cannot publish event information sent via e-mail. Please submit all event information on the form provided.