Harry Shearer To Leave Simpsons?

After 26 years Springfield is losing one of its residents as Harry Shearer has announced he will be leaving The Simpsons at the end of the current season.

In his almost three decades working on the show, Shearer voiced some of the series’ most well known characters including Principal Seymour Skinner, Power Plant owner Charles Montgomery Burns and the bible thumping Ned Flanders. All in all, Shearer voiced an impressive 23 Springfieldians over the course of his run.

Shearer’s decision to leave was sparked by a contract disagreement over his ability to work on other projects and what he deemed a lack of “profit participation”.

Simpsons producer James L. Brooks has however left the door open for a dialogue with Shearer saying that they are trying to keep him on the show.

They have also announced that even if Shearer does depart, his characters will be recast rather than eliminated.