From Toronto, With Love: Hosted by Céline Peterson takes place at Jazz Bistro on March 8th!


Robi Botos, piano

Dave Young, bass

Jim Doxas, drums


Kellylee Evans

Heather Bambrick

Genevieve Marentette

Amy McConnell

Rose Colella

Barbra Lica

Whitney Ross-Barris

Yvette Tollar

Christina Raphaëlle Haldane


Jane Bunnett

Jim Clayton

Carl Bray

Joseph Leo Callender

Kevin Turcotte

Matt Woroshyl

Reg Schwager

Chris White

Ross MacIntyre

…& more!

Not long ago I reached out to some of our country’s finest artists and shared with them the story of my friend’s very close call over the holidays, and the concern regarding the fact that as a person living in the United States, instead of focusing on regaining your strength and overall health back, a majority of Americans are spending their time worrying about how they are going to pay their medical costs. This is also the reason that so many serious medical conditions go untreated for so long and often it unfortunately results in the loss of a life. This has to stop. We in Canada are so very lucky that we have healthcare and do not have to worry about anything relating to the cost of life-saving treatments, medications, and surgeries.

When my friend and yours, vocalist Paul Marinaro, underwent emergency life-saving surgery for perforated diverticulitis and the resulting sepsis, the reality of his mounting medical bills and living expenses while his work is stalled and he spend his time recovering, snuck up out of nowhere. I wanted to create a night that sees Canadian artists coming together in support of an American artist. I wanted the driving force of the evening to be music. Lastly, I wanted to show that there is so much light in what can be a very dark world. When each of these artists heard what I wanted to do, not a single person hesitated at participating. I’m endlessly grateful to each and every person on this bill (and to those that are participating that I haven’t announced yet!) for their selflessness and generosity. This will be an unforgettable evening. I am proud to say that 100% of your music charge on this night will go directly to Paul Marinaro to help him through his recovery! My sincere thanks to Sybil Walker for making this possible, and I look forward to seeing a packed room of excited jazz fans on March 8th! Make your reservations now by calling 416-363-5299

Read Paul Marinaro’s story (courtesy of Howard Reich at the Chicago Tribune):

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