JAZZ.FM91 offers a number of incentives to help guide your donation level and thank you for your support.

Take a look below at some of the marquee experiences we offer to donors, including concerts, guided tours, CDs and unique in-studio opportunities.

Live to Air concerts

Live to Air concerts are exclusive to JAZZ.FM91. Hosted from our Long & McQuade Performance Hall, we present your favourite artists in an intimate performance with terrific storytelling and one of our music-loving hosts.

Donation levels:
  • Single: $125 (or $10.50 monthly)
  • Pair: $250 (or $21 monthly)
Amanda Martinez performing a Live to Air concert in 2019

Jazz Safaris

Classic Jazz Safaris

Experience the best of the Toronto jazz scene with a Classic Jazz Safari. We take you as our personal guest on the magic bus to visit four or five jazz venues in one night.

Donation level:
  • Single: $250 (or $21 monthly)
  • Pair: $500 (or $42 monthly)
One-Stop Vocal Jazz Safaris 

Join Jaymz Bee for the One-Stop Vocal Jazz Safari, the most renowned vocal showcase in Canada. Up to 24 singers perform in a three-hour show at Lula Lounge, backed by an all-star house band.

Donation level:
  • Single: $250 (or $21 monthly)
  • Pair: $500 (or $42 monthly)
International Jazz Safaris

From Chicago to New Orleans to Italy and beyond, the JAZZ.FM91 International Jazz Safaris are your passport to experience jazz around the world. Check back regularly for new destinations.

Jaymz Bee and the musicians pose for a photo after a One-Stop Vocal Jazz Safari in 2019

CD rewards

Each fundraising campaign we feature the choice of a new CD from one or more of our favourite artists.

Currently we are offering:

  • Diana Krall and Tony Bennett – Love Is Here to Stay

Donation level:

  • $150 (or $12.50 monthly)

Host Your Own Radio Show

You can host your own 30-minute radio show on your favourite station, JAZZ.FM91. You program it, we record it and then we put it on the air. Host it by yourself or with your favourite JAZZ.FM91 personality. This experience makes a great gift for friends and family who love jazz and support JAZZ.FM91.

Donation level: 

  • $750 (or $62.50 monthly)
Donor Lorenzo DiGianfelice records a show with his son Francesco

Song of the Day 

Want to be on the air, but don’t want to record a full show? Every morning, a JAZZ.FM91 host or local artist will pick out the Song of the Day and provide you with the story behind the song — and you can even host it, too. Choose your song and tell us the story behind the song. We’ll record and broadcast your clip, and you’ll get a copy of the show and a photo in our studios with you behind the microphone. The mic is yours.

Donation level:
  • $150 (or $12.50 monthly)

Become a JAZZ.FM91 patron

To recognize the generosity of JAZZ.FM91 supporters donating $1,000 or more, we’ll install a personalized plaque by request in the JAZZ.FM91 studios. You choose how we recognize your contribution — with your name, that of a loved one, a favourite artist or any message expressing what JAZZ.FM91 and music means to you. For more information, please contact Mary Kate Dall at mdall@jazz.fm.

Donation level: 

  • $1,000 (or $83.33 monthly)