For several decades, two quite different musical traditions from opposite sides of the Earth have come together to form a fusion that blends the innovative and the ancient, the spiritual and the visceral, the timeless and the adventurous.

Indo jazz is a genre with infinite layers, and George Koller has been studying and experiencing it for many years. While his main instrument is the bass, Koller is a multi-instrumentalist who also plays the sitar, sarod, tanpura, esraj and dilruba. From his first discovery of Indo jazz in school and through his extensive work with Indian classical and Indo-jazz artists such as Autorickshaw and Monsoon, Koller has immersed himself in the theory, instrumentation and traditions of Indian music throughout his 40-year career.

Now, he’s hosting an exclusive JAZZ.FM91 documentary series called East West Universe, which explores the collaboration of Eastern and Western musicians throughout the decades. Tune in Sundays at 9 am, or click here to catch up on past episodes.

“My goal as a curator is to help explain some of the nuances of jazz and Indian classical music, and how they came together,” he says.

We asked Koller to tell us more about this musical exploration, and why jazz and Indian classical musicians are often so drawn to one another.