Toronto-based pianist Teri Parker is set to release Shaping the Invisible, her sophomore album as a bandleader.

Described as the result of “the culmination of years of playing, composing, and artistic growth,” the nine-track album features Parker’s own original compositions along with tunes by jazz legend Charlie Parker and contemporary artist James Blake.

The album first started to coalesce during a period of writing in which Parker locked herself in a room for hours a day, listening to music from a wide range of artists, studying compositional methods, and writing music. Eventually, she assembled a body of work that would become Shaping the Invisible. After a string of performances with her band at The Rex, she decided that it was time to hit the studio.

The recording features a core quartet of Toronto heavyweights with saxophonist Luis Deniz, bassist Mark Godfrey and drummer Ernesto Cervini, along with trumpeter Andrew McAnsh on three of the tracks.

Here’s the track listing:

  1. Becoming
  2. Humph
  3. K.T.T. Bass Intro
  4. Kitchen Timer Tune
  5. Desolate Places
  6. Segment
  7. Paw Prints
  8. Retrograde
  9. Strolling

Teri Parker’s Shaping the Invisible is out Sept. 29, 2023.