I love this quote: “Samara Joy makes her case to join the likes of Sarah, Ella, and Billie as the next mononymous jazz singing sensation.” I bet Samara Joy loves it, too. The quote is from her official bio, but there is simply so much more to this artist. There is an ‘oh wow’ moment each and every time I hear a Samara track. It does not matter what the medium is, her artistry shines through as clear as the finest day.

As with so many, early singing was charmed in and by the church; a richness of foundation and a fertile proving ground jewelled beautifully with soul, tradition, and respect for the grandness of the art and all that it by grace of inspiration praises.

Listening to her, you can hear that she reaches deep into the lyric for its shape and the moods of a song. She seems to be wonderfully relentless in her demand on sentiment and what feels truly like a love of purity in, and of, expression and the story. Her gentleness is deceptive; behind it is a strength that adds necessary weight to make that very gentleness felt so very deeply.

She is more than just a sensational new singer on the scene; she is a new deep voice, a new instrument of message and the story. She has the treasure that is those who are, and were, the giants from before. Mononymous indeed: She is Samara, and please, go ahead and say her last name out loud, too, because it says it all.