Grammy-nominated Cuban pianist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and bandleader Roberto Fonseca has just released his terrific new recording on Mack Avenue called Yesun.

Born in Havana, Fonseca has a gift for combining jazz with his Afro-Cuban roots. The resulting sound is uniquely his own. This is his ninth solo recording, and his strongest yet. Each track takes you somewhere completely different, but the recording all comes together into a cohesive whole.

Fonseca weaves electronic beats, spoken word, retro-modern keyboards and symbiotic vocals into a sound that pushes the boundaries of jazz and of sound itself, but still finds a sweet spot between adventure and listenability.

Yesun is the album I’ve always wanted to make,” says Fonseca. “All my influences are here. All the sounds and vibes that make me who I am.”

The album contains 13 original tracks that feature his regular bandmates: drummer Raúl Herrera and longtime double bassist Yandy Martínez Rodriguez. Lots of guests make appearances on the recording as well, including Joe Lovano on the track Vivo.

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