A new band has emerged from a trio of Toronto musicians. Collectively known as TuneTown, the group will release its debut recording There From Here this month.

The band is Ernesto Cervini on drums, Artie Roth on bass and Kelly Jefferson on sax. You may notice there’s no guitar player or pianist — that’s right, they’re a chordless trio. And that’s just one aspect that gives the group its very unique sound. You’ll hear avant-garde, funk and more traditional jazz sounds coming from TuneTown.

The first tune, A Sonic Handshake, welcomes you to your trip through TuneTown, setting the tone for a recording that’s not meant to be just a collection of music, but a distinct place with its own atmosphere and a slight political edge. It’s made to tell a story, and to be heard from top to bottom in one sitting. They’re all originals, minus two standards: Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Lady and Cole Porter’s All of You.

The trio sounds gritty at times, and I mean that in the best way possible. They’re constantly challenging each other as they bend and stretch the tunes to their will. They have a style that’s uniquely their own, and the compositions are designed to showcase the individuals while combining to create the sound of a unified band.

There from Here will be released Sept. 20 via Slammin Media.

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