The Artistry of… Renée Yoxon

They’re one of a song’s best friends. In Renée Yoxon’s voice, there is an adventure of the phrases and stories of a song. Avenues of sensitive lyricism.

Yoxon is proudly queer, non-binary, disabled, and trans. Priorities are trans and non-binary joy, accessibility, and centering BIPOC experiences. As an educator, they focus on making the experience of singing accessible. This focus is as apparent in the beauty of the songscape of their music making. The artistry is in the collective musical inclusiveness.

The voice is rich in influences of traditional jazz sensibilities and expression. It carries so much of the social sentiment of the music’s history and story. It is as bold and right there as what has been before and what is questioned and sought after as it exists now and fearlessly looks to what may be its tomorrows and beyond.

Jazz is a music that even as a genre has struggled with definition. It has endured upheaval, disrespect, discrimination, racism and sexism, and yet boldly continues to be and thrive. It has a strength and perseverance that is enviable. It is a social scene and heartbeat of a collective soul of its purveyors, crafters, creators, and makers.

Yoxon is a song purveyor; a kind of courage and bravery is in every note. Listen to them sing and just let yourself get lost in the beauty of the music making. That sounds like what should happen when you are touched by one of a song’s best friends, now doesn’t it?