The Artistry of… Carol Welsman

She sounds like friendliness — in song. She is the song’s best friend. If you have a best friend, you know, feel, and trust that in their heart there is room for all the things you are, whenever you are those things. When Carol Welsman sings, all of that sentiment comes through. Every note, and every phrase notes make, is given full-on attention, just like the kind of attention you would give your best friend.

Welsman’s voice is bolstered by a strength of determination and intent. She can take familiar melodies and give them a fresh authorship all her own without robbing them of their original message and feel, and without losing their bedrock in a haze of far-reaching alteration. There is courage and a sweet kindness in the tone. That is her musical muscle.

These are just a few of the words of description by Brian Zimmerman of Downbeat: “Welsman takes to classics … from angles of adoration and invention. Her voice — satiny and emotive — drapes magnificently across the contours.” Carol Welsman’s artistry is one where the creativity happens right before your ears.