If you know that way-up-high-in-the-atmosphere register of the late Minnie Riperton, as amazingly displayed in her hit “Loving You,” then you have experienced the magic that is known as the whistle register. Vocalists who can play and sing in that space with expert control are easily of the Fae and magic-makers. An effortless vocal range, a control of the voice, and a delivery that is like a language of its own, that is universally felt and understood, is artistry treasure.

Rachelle Ferrell is that artistry treasure. Her voice is unforgettable. It is at once familiar, as your ear experiences what seems should be, and then in the same set of moments it is taken to a further place where the sound is a new kind of freshness and uniqueness. Phrases travel, rise, fall, and ride. They are enticing and teasing, and thrill with an almost rollercoaster-like, breathtaking expression.

These are words spoken to an audience during a performance: “No moment is alike. What is happening here will not happen in the next 10 p.m. show or tomorrow. This present moment we are co-creating, and it is special… People can imitate it and emulate it, but they can’t do what you do, how you do it…” I’ll say this, if you know that way-up-high, you know.