I do not think that I know or have heard anyone more brazenly genuine as an artist and person than Molly Johnson.

She shields nothing and is as refreshingly outspoken, and speaks with an intensity of intent that is as reserved for when she is telling a story as it is when she is singing. Truly, both happen so very often at the same time.

She feels deeply with her heart and demands with an equal depth, suffering no fool in her wake. She feels with her heart. Like the culture, she feeds deeply, too, with a table set with room for another. She feeds us all from her heart.

When giving “time of day,” her focus is razor sharp and unwavering. It is a whole bunch of the way she is bringing together as she does, a charmed diversity with a love that is just some of what defines her. Listen to her over and over again, because that’s the way you should feel everything.