It’s as if her guitar strings are wings, wings that can carry you up so high that you are where the currents tease and play, and at the same time, cradle and support. The notes take flight, each one sent skyward like a single shot of a firework, but a gentler kind of launch, each one finding its place in the air, creating a wash of sound built on the expert individuality of the execution.

Jazz Times has called Mimi Fox “a blazing fret master who combines bebop-infused lines with an abundance of soul … spinning solos that unfurl with surprise twists like expertly tailored short stories.” The words capture her artistry beautifully.

Stories conjure travel and adventure, imagination and sensitivity. All combine to drive Fox’s artistry.

Her foundation in classical music study is her grounding; she eloquently put it this way in a Downbeat article: “I still spend time playing through Bach, Villa Lobos, Vivaldi, Mozart… This music is highly enjoyable to play, and it’s a great way to develop your ear and your technique.” It’s a candid respect for classical foundations. When the music making takes flight, it rises skillfully from a solid grounding which means it can be free to bravely let loose. To soar and tantalize, inspire and impress.