There may be and may have been boys in the band, but they’ve never sounded such a beautiful kind of better than when led by Alison.

There is a quote from an article about her in the online magazine Joyful Magpies that speaks to the mindfulness and constantly attentive creative spirit of the sax player: “You just have to start. You’re always going to learn as you go. Let go of the idea of ever attaining any kind of perfection … The more you know, the more you don’t know. Be okay with it always having to be a learning process. That’s the thing about music, it’s really beautiful and daunting, but you never get there.”

The quote is a courageous expression of the edge that can so often be the reality of artistry. As resigned as the statement may seem, it belies a confidence and purpose, a drive and energy, that is magnetic and that presents and encourages, teases and establishes. These are all elements of leadership, and Alison’s playing and artistry capture all of these pieces and re-launch them into the air, weaving and playing with those she leads and converses with. Her music is an embodiment of mindfulness and respect for a daunting art form that demands of its artists as much as they demand of themselves.