The Artistry of… Mike Herriott

Mike Herriott is an all-Canadian. A standout trumpeter, a Newfoundland native. Like a music ambassador, he has taken his artistry to the world. His music, drive and leadership are like so much good that comes out of Canada. It is golden treasure and respected.

Herriott plays classical and jazz music, moving between genres with ease. Major Canadian bands and orchestras have been graced by his artistry. His own group is the OTR Band — the Off the Road Band — continuing in the grand tradition of the unmistakable Toronto sound and the tradition of big bands, updating and adding elements of contemporary sound excitement to the music making.

You can hear the pride when he plays. It’s as bright as the brass of his horn. It is infectious. It has an immediately, rightly and supremely second-to-none quality — from Canada to the world.

The Artistry of… airs Wednesday evenings on Dinner Jazz with John Devenish.