The Artistry of… Kellylee Evans

Overcoming fantastic adversity and seeming impossible odds is a narrative far too many sadly have as part of their otherwise rich cultural histories. Overcoming adversity and having to do so with challenge, and yet with grace, is a virtue. Artistry with virtue rings as clear as the voice, and in that voice are so many stories, so much wonder, so much strength, and so many victories.

Stand and deliver, like she does, and the stories travel unfiltered and with honesty in a straight line from artist to the ears of listeners. Kellylee Evans sings, and we listen. She tells us about things, she tells us stories, and we listen. She is a mom; imagine the nurture at mother-to-child story time. The artistry is girded with the strength of never giving up with the support and nurturing of a caring and spirited community of friends and family, and a family of friends. At the receiving end of the straight line, we are the lucky listeners.

The Artistry of… airs Wednesday evenings on Dinner Jazz with John Devenish.