He speaks with his guitar. His is a dual language: the language of music and the language of the soul. They are so intertwined that the delivery comes as if a singular artistic share.

The imprint of his music-making is a sensitively presented signature. He is a “thinking in every moment” kind of player. There’s a consciousness that leaves little to chance but, at the same time, lets the sensibilities of creativity free to sound with liberty and sonic adventure.

There is always beauty in Loueke’s music. Musical decisions in a line or harmonic progression are made with the ears and ideas in the moment of the connections from one note to another. It is about how to best communicate and how to allow the communication to be received by the ear — wrapped sometimes with a bit of a surprise, a bit of whimsy, some unexpected turn of phrase and phrasing and with a cajoling familiarity.

Loueke’s language is a blended one; it is the language of music and soul. Blended, it is simply Loueke beautiful.