She’s a Southerner and there is a sensibility. A signature of grace under — and as a means of getting over and above — pressure and adversity. It imbues the music with resilience and determination — a strong beauty that is penetrative and embracing all at once.

In her bio on the site of her management agency, she is called a steward of American music. It also says, “Wright sings with a soaring reflection of the cultural fabric of America.” Artistry of strong beauty indeed. A steward looks after things and makes sure they are honestly taken care of the right way, respected, and attended to with almost a sense of duty: Lizz Wright attends to, and respects the music in the way she carefully presents it.

She is focused in the attention, and at the same time, her voice gives the music freedom. That freedom is manifested in the way she makes the music as much her own as it becomes yours to cherish as it reaches your ears and your soul. She cherishes the organic in her life and lifestyle. Her southern roots are steeped in a respect of the natural world around her. Hers is an especially stamped Lizz Wright Americana.