Vocalist Kat Edmonson wants to dream and to explore the process of dreaming. So, cue her new recording Dreamers Do, the fifth for the Houston native.

“It’s a story for all those who dream of a different path in life,” Edmonson says.

Her path has been different. Raised in a home where her mother was a big fan of the Great American Songbook, Edmonson went to Austin to audition for American Idol in 2002. That led her on a trip to Los Angeles but also gave her a sense of disillusionment, prompting her to briefly return to a day job.

But Edmonson returned to what she loved doing, an in 2009 she at last released her debut album. She hasn’t looked back since. Her voice is whimsical and strong, and she’s a songwriter who has found many successes with her own material.

On Dreamers Do, Edmonson blends many of her own compositions with several re-imagined Disney songs. On her own song Too Late to Dream, she asks: Are the messages we receive as children about following our dreams relevant through adult life? Therein lies the narrative of the record. Dreaming can be childlike and aspirational, but as we age and we’re confronted by the reality of life, how much room is left for dreaming?

For Kat Edmonson, there appears to be a lot.

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