Today marks the beginning of a new Jazz in the City sponsorship by station donors Susan and Chris Climo.

Susan and Chris are sponsoring Jaymz Bee’s long-standing love-fest to all things local, through the station’s Donor-Funded Sponsorship Program.

Since 2001, JAZZ.FM91 has been OUR radio station. We say “our” because it is the only station we listen to; also, because as donor members, we feel like owners.

Over the years, we have participated in many events with the station: Live to Air concerts, Heather Bambrick’s Kitchen Parties, volunteering on the phone bank for fund drives, each recording our own Host Your Own Radio Show, several local Jazz Safaris and even an International Jazz Safari to the Monterey Jazz Festival.

Through all these wonderful experiences and our years of faithful daily listening, we’ve come to think of the talented on-air hosts, dedicated staff and many local musicians as old friends. When the station went through its struggles and staff departures a few years ago, we were struck by what a deep sense of loss we felt. When we got our station back, we promised Brian Hemming and the Board they could always count on us.

This past year has brought new challenges for everyone, but especially for the talented musicians in our community. We recognize and appreciate the important work that JAZZ.FM91 does to support local artists.  We are honoured to be able to sponsor Jazz in the City, a program that highlights and promotes our community’s musicians, hosted by the coolest person we know, Jaymz Bee.

Susan and Chris Climo

To learn more about JAZZ.FM91’s donor-funded programming opportunities, contact Michael Booth at or 416-595-0404 x234.