Jazz in the City with Jaymz Bee

Join Jaymz Bee for a three-hour love-fest of all things local.

Who’s got a new record? Who’s playing in the clubs? If it’s local to Toronto, you’ll hear it here. Jaymz will play music by artists who are performing in the Toronto area, and will occasionally interview musicians visiting or based in Toronto. The show also features music from some of the legendary musicians who put jazz on the map: Archie Alleyne, Peter Appleyard, Oscar Peterson and much more.


  • Thursday
  • with Jaymz Bee

Jaymz Bee

Jaymz Bee is a bandleader, broadcaster, writer, tour guide and party planner. He’s been a host with JAZZ.FM91 since 2002 and has spent well over a decade producing and hosting local and international jazz safaris. In his career, Jaymz has hosted TV shows for most Canadian networks, curated an art gallery, run a nightclub, and directed TV commercials, music videos and theatre productions. He has written two books of poetry and the bestseller Cocktail Parties for Dummies. He produces music for artists in various genres, mostly for Vesuvius Music. Jaymz has an esteemed reputation for promoting the Toronto music scene with wild, joyous abandon and can usually be found in a nightclub or music hall.

Programs: Jazz in the City and Jazz Gone Wild

Contact: jaymzbee@jazz.fm