Jazz is in a mode of advancement with the artistry of Emmet Cohen.

His musicality was expressed at a very early age, and there has been a consistent and expansive maturing and growth. This quote, his own words, speaks directly to his concept of his art and how he connects with jazz: The music to him is “about communicating the deepest levels of humanity and individuality; it’s essentially about connections,” both among musicians and with audiences.

He plays with and commands a respect for the foundations of the music, and at the same time, his playing explores his contemporary presence. This resonates clearly in his Masters Legacy Series, a collection of recordings and interviews where his playing and speaking pays homage to those who have built the tradition.

An educator and collaborator, he has worked with choreographers such as Debbie Allen and as a clinician. He has been a mentor and instructor to young jazz students especially but has taught and guided students of all ages. He does all of this leading with and from the piano.

A Yamaha artist, the instrument is at the heart of how he communicates and expresses himself. After his soul, it is his machinery of creativity. It is his soundbox, his sounding board, his talking piece, his artistic home base.