They play like they are playing: chasing, laughing, enjoying, nurturing, sharing, and blending. Their music beckons the listener, inviting them onto the swings or down the slide, or deeper inside to where emotions start and then freely flow, twisting and turning and floating, making sure you are aware of every first and every last thing they are about to do and are doing in any creative moment.

The diversity of their music backgrounds makes everything they do that much more dynamic. Backgrounds in some very heavy-hitting bands belie the moments in time, grace, and pacing of their contemporary offerings. Patti Cathcart was a member of The Brides of Funkenstein, part of the P-Funk collective under George Clinton, a distant spectrum stop along the way from her classical music training foundations. Tuck Andress also has a classical music foundation, and his distant spectrum stop includes a stint with The Gap Band.

There’s rhythm and blues, soul, funk, and a jazz sensibility with a collective foundation in the traditions of classical art music. The weave is tight and the artistry beautifully set with a trace of the mischief their stops along the way have afforded them.

The artistry comes in fits and starts, and play and tease, with plenty of ease. Her ways are his ways and those ways beguile.