The Artistry of… Denzal Sinclaire

If you were to stir together the ingredients that make the way he sings so deliciously right, you would have to include liberal sprinkles of humility, artistic respect, integrity, skilled determination, fearlessness, spirit and faith.

Every sung note and phrase has crafted intent and purpose and a directed gentleness best not mistaken for simplicity. The delivery is as complex as the depth of the sentiments conveyed, and it all comes without unnecessary drama.

He is a stand-and-deliver singer respecting every component of a song, and that results in the song being the most important thing and also perfectly Denzal’s. The artistry is in the respectful, quiet patience. It’s magic, knowing how to generously give freedom to a listener to take their time and let it all sink in.

The Artistry of… airs Wednesday evenings on Dinner Jazz with John Devenish.