“My main goal is to make a living entirely from music.”

With a dream like that, Christopher Anderson-Lundy has been doing everything he can to make it come true.

Since participating in our Jazzology program in 2017 and graduating from York University shortly thereafter, the 23-year-old multi-instrumentalist and producer has been taking on all sorts of jobs and projects, none of which aren’t directly involved in music.

Anderson-Lundy has been teaching woodwinds and piano at Long & McQuade in Pickering. He’s been playing corporate events and other gigs as a sideman. He ended his tenure with the Toronto All-Star Big Band after winning their Scotty Woods Scholarship. He joined a musicians’ union on the advice of his professors, giving himself a support system as a freelancer in the music industry. And of course, he continues to make his own tunes as an independent artist.

But his main focus lately has been on the production side. That pursuit led him to an event hosted by American hip-hop and pop mega-producer Illmind, who went on to enlist Anderson-Lundy and a partner to create samples for a new virtual instrument bank he’s building. It’s a career path that not too long ago he never thought he’s find himself on.

“It was something I never even thought about doing, but it was a lot of fun and it got me working on releasing my own sample packs for other producers to buy and use in their songs,” says Anderson-Lundy.

We asked the young musician to tell us more about his experience with the Jazzology program, why music education matters so much to him, and where he hopes to go from here.