David Steinmetz was still finishing up his last semester of jazz studies at Humber College when he was offered what you might consider the opportunity of a lifetime.

Thanks to his accommodating teachers, Steinmetz was able to graduate a week early and head off on a European tour with young Canadian pop phenom Scott Helman. A few weeks later, he was invited to continue with a U.S. tour.

That’s led to a career as a professional drummer that so far has been concentrated on the pop world — Steinmetz does a lot of work with Scarborough’s rising R&B singer Myles Castello, while backing up several others — but he certainly hasn’t left the jazz scene behind. You can still catch the 22-year-old frequenting jazz clubs in Toronto with a variety of bands, and he plays regularly with a funk group called Steinwall.

“I try to spread out what type of music I play as much as I can — whether it’s jazz, hip hop, country, indie, pop or whatever,” he says.

Steinmetz participated in our Jazzology program in 2017. We asked him to tell us more about the exciting beginning to his music career, why support for young musicians is so important, and what his goals are for the future.