The Artistry of… Benny Green

If I were a piano, I would want to be as ready as I could imagine being ahead of being a part of the exciting sharing and expression of the artistry of Benny Green.

His approach to the keyboard is a collective happening. Every keystroke is purposed, with every nuanced dynamic matching the intent of every note and phrase of the music. A composer’s dream, he connects directly with the journey of the melody and its sometimes anchoring harmonic fabrics, and then also its adventurous flights of gently competitive counterpoint.

The respect for the integrity of the standards, the Great American Songbook, and the music of more contemporary artists is bar-setting. He is sophisticated with a little dash of the rogue, giving his music-making a sensibility that is at home inside of any emotion, and the range is seemingly limitless.

Green has shared his artistry with a host of some of the greatest players, bridging eras and styles and weaving it all together into a sound and playscape all his own.